Highway wants to make a difference in our community and with different local agencies.

A weekly program for children between JK and grade 5.  This is hosted by Highway Church for the children of our community.  This is a free program, but all participants must be registered. (This program runs from September to June).

Highway operates a simple food cupboard program that offers food and supplies to the community weekly.  Every Thursday from 10:30 to 12:00 p.m., our doors are open to help.  We rely on the donations of the Highway Church and some other local agencies and groups that help us stock our shelves.

The Food Bank also runs our Christmas Basket program, whereby we provide the means for families to enjoy the Christmas holiday.  Donations are always needed and welcomed to make this project successful.

Every summer we run a one-week day camp for the community.  This camp is often the highlight of the summer for many kids. The registration cost per camper is kept well below the standard in order to allow as many children as possible to attend. We also offer scholarships for those who need them so they can attend the camp.


Each year, we partner with Souls for Christ Ministries, which focuses and works with those mainly in downtown Toronto, reaching out to those who live in poverty through humanitarian aid. We send funds to help them provide sleeping bags to those who need them.


CHURCH IN REGENT PARK - Community Dinner
About three times a year, we partner with Church In Regent Park's Community Dinners.  Every Saturday, Church In Regent Park hosts a free dinner for everyone in their community.  We are pleased to provide assistance to them to partner some weeks to provide the dessert and drinks for the dinner.

There is always an opportunity for you to be part of the team that goes down to serve those in Regent Park.  To do so, please watch for the announcements of when we are going and sign-up to be part of the team.