Prasad Samson

Prasad Samson has been ministering in India since 2005.  He serves as a Global Worker of the PAOC.  he lives in Chennai (Southern India) and ministers to the people who live in the surrounding villages of the city. 

Here is a brief summary of the ongoing mission:
  • Oversee Churches
  • Church Planting
  • Pastor’s Conferences
  • Outdoor crusades
  • Administrate Child Care Plus
  • Emergency relief when needed
Jenn & Raz Iacob

After serving as a full-time Global Worker in Romania for over 24 years, Jenn and Raz Iacob with their family, have returned to Canada in 2024. Jenn will continue to serve the children of Romania, but now working as a Volunteer Global Worker. She has taken a part-time position at one of the local churches which allows her to return to Romania many times a year. You can continue to support the work that Jenn does to make the lives of the orphaned children better in Romania. 

They are a Canadian/Romanian couple. Jennifer was raised in the GTA, and Raz was born and raised in Romania. Married in March 2010, they have two boys, Jason and Asher, and a daughter Chloe.