The Samson's

The Samson’s (Prasad and Dawn) have been ministering in India since 2005.  They are a part of the Highway family, and have gone to India as missionaries of the PAOC.  They live in Chennai (Southern India) and minister to the people who live in the surrounding villages of the city. 

Here is a brief summary of what they are invovled in:
  • Oversee Churches
  • Church Planting
  • Women helping Widows
  • Pastor’s Conferences
  • Outdoor crusades
  • Administrate Child Care Plus
  • Emergency relief when needed
Jenn & Raz Iacob

Jenn and Raz minister in Romania. Their work focuses on resucing abandoned babies from living in institutions and placing them loving families. They also provide mentoring and counselling to at-risk moms.

They are a Canadian/Romanian couple. Jennifer (raised in the GTA) has been in Romania since January 2000, and Raz was born and raised in Romania. Married in March 2010, they have two boys, Jason and Asher, and a daughter Chloe.