It is easier than ever to give and support Highway Gospel Church.

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Here are 6 Easy Steps to set-up Mobile Giving on your device

Please Note: You only have to set this up once.  You can give by using either a Bank Debit Card with the words "VISA DEBIT" on it, or a Credit Card.

1. On your device, download and install the App   

2. Create Account (This is only done the 1st time you set up)
    - Fill out the required fields:
             - Name
             - Email
             - Create a password
             - Create a 4-digit PIN
             - Click “Submit”
                       - You should see a message that says:
                          “Your account has been successfully created”  

3. Enter your newly created PIN  

4. Search for “Highway Gospel Church” Toronto, ON   M1N 1T1

5. Enter your payment info
    - You can use either a Debit Bank Card that has the words “VISA   DEBIT” on it or a Credit Card
    - Add the card info:
             - Card number
             - Expiry date
             - CVC (number on back)
             - Click “Add Card”

6. Give to Highway
    - Choose the amount of your gift
    - Choose the area you want to give to (drop down menu)
    - If you want to give to multiple funds —click the “Add Gift” and repeat the same steps above
    - If you give using “Other” you MUST use the Note/Memo field to tell us what you are giving to.

Do you want to Help us keep costs down?
- You can select to “Cover processing fees” by turning this option on by sliding the button over       
  (found near the bottom).