Kicks-Off October 17 - for 6 weeeks

 “Daring Faith is about taking bold risks. It requires unshakable courage to step up and face your giants as you step out into the unknown. Cultivating a daring faith goes hand in hand with trusting God’s will. Where God guides, God provides. This is an opportunity to bravely move where God is calling you.” 

The best way to get the most out of this spiritual campaign series is to be part of a small group (which are meeting virtually at this time). The small group sessions will be based on the Sunday teaching.  (If you miss or cannot attend a Sunday service, a video version is available for you to watch, via YouTube, on your own prior to attending small group ).
Small groups will meet weekly to discuss the topic and have a time of prayer.

You will want to have a Study Guide (workbook). The Study Guide has note pages that can be filled in during the Sunday teaching and also has 40 days of devotionals to inspire you. We are making these study guides available for a suggested donation of $10. If you cannot afford a study guide we still want you to have one, as long as you make good use of it. You can pick up a book if you are on-site during our Sunday gatherings, or you can contact the office and we will make arrangements to get you a study guide. Your suggested donation can be made through any of our digital giving options or by cash on-site. When you give, please mark your donation "book".

The six sessions are:
· Building a Life of Faith
· Expecting the Best
· Stretching Your Imagination
· Taking the Initiative
· Facing Your Fears
· Believe While You’re Waiting  

I trust that you will join us for this exciting 40 days where we can learn to have Daring Faith. 

Will you join us for the Campaign Series?

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