The main thrust of our Global Missions at Highway is the support of the Samson family. 

The Samson’s (Prasad and Dawn) have been ministering in India since 2005.  They are a part of the Highway family, and have gone to India as missionaries of the PAOC.  They live in Chennai (Southern India) and minister to the people who live in the surrounding villages of the city. 

Here is a brief summary of what they are invovled in:
  • Oversee Churches
    - They oversee 6 churches.
    - They are currently raising funds to rebuild an old church building they had that was in dire need of rebuilding.  This new structure will serve as the Hub for all the ministry responsibilities they are involed in.
  • Church Planting
    - They have planted 2 churches in the last 7 years.
  • Women helping Widows
    - Start-up of Micro Business / Tailoring Classes
    - Providing avenues for women to be self-sufficient.
  • Pastor’s Conferences

  • Outdoor crusades
    - Holding outdoor meetings and using the Jesus Movie to reach people.
  • Administrate Child Care Plus
    - A PAOC program that allows children to be sponsored on a monthly basis.
  • Emergency relief when needed
    - In times of crisis like a flood, the Samson’s are there to meet emergency needs of distributing items like bags of rice, clothing and supplies.

To visit their blog, click here